iQiyi 1Q19 Earnings Notes

Key takeaways: Almost at 100M subscribers (grew 58% yoy in 1Q)iQiyi's advert business slowing (cyclical or secular?)Some content releases are delayed (impacts advert business)There were some disclosure changes in IQ's 20-F (Grrr!) Content Delays English: Over the Sea I Come to See You A show, called 带着爸爸去留学, had its broadcast date delayed. There was some speculation … Continue reading iQiyi 1Q19 Earnings Notes

A Man for All Markets (2017) Notes & Excerpts

In A Man for All Markets, Ed Thorp describes his life's journey, from a prankster/tinkerer youth to beating the dealer in blackjack (and baccarat and roulette!) to successfully investing in derivatives, convertible arbitrage and other market-neutral systematic methodologies. Dr. Thorp is a pioneer in every field he's touched, a real inspiration. After telling his life … Continue reading A Man for All Markets (2017) Notes & Excerpts